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A great place to get starting on planning your financial future.  Our one page questionnaire assists us in getting to know you.  This is the first step in heading towards your financial goals.  

Information regarding Bortolussi Wealth Management's handling of client information.

At Bortolussi Wealth Management, clients are more than welcome to stop by our office anytime.  We are here to assist.  We also make house calls to our clients homes and that is part of our client experience.  In today's fast paced environment, communicating with your Investment Advisor at Bortolussi Wealth Management is a priority of the most importance.  It's our goal to be easily accessible to our clients.

We believe in our clients always knowing the products they own, why they own them and how much they are paying for them.

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Portfolio Planning

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We Believe in "Investing through understanding" - Knowing our clients and Client education is one of the most important aspects of the Client experience at Bortolussi Wealth Management

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